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  • Joanidis Law & Patent Office represents and collaborates with clients worldwide. We combine the highest legal expertise with profound knowledge of economic interests of our clients. Our firm has earned the reputation and the knowledge to solve sophisticated legal problems and fulfil complex engagements. We strive to achieve economically meaningful solutions for our clients. Our professional reach extends to Intellectual Property law, where we represent domestic and international companies in litigation, requests for opinion and settling legal agreements. We are dedicated to maintain and expand practices areas in corporate, commercial, property, litigation, tax and privatization matters.

    Joanidis Law Office has a rich practice tradition in major mergers and acquisitions involving international investors, preparation of legal due diligence reports, setup of commercial banks, medical care institutions, media companies and other commercial law matters. We also have proven track record in commercial, civil and criminal litigations, financial transactions, loans and enforcements, employment issues and, preparation and review of contracts.

    We provide personalized legal services to ensure each of our clients feels like our only client.

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